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Slothana, a new meme coin project based on Solana, is making a name for itself in the crypto world with its rapid entry. The claims that SLOTH coin can be the next SLERF have strengthened the already powerful SLOTH coin, which is the newest member of the meme coin craze on the Solana network. 

Following in the footsteps of BOME and SLERF, Slothana collects investors through donations, and the funds raised in Slothana exceed $600,000 on the first day. Let’s examine the new Solana-based Slothana coin project together. 

What is Slothana (SLOTH)?

The meme coin craze on the Solana network continues. Slothana, one of the latest meme coin projects built on the Solana network, comes with a laziness emphasis, inspired by the lazy animal character. 

Investors do not participate in a presale event to buy Slothana coins, in contrast to the usually held phased presale events. Slothana coin raises funds through donations. 

Following in the footsteps of the popular recent projects like SLERF and BOME, Slothana does not contain any timing or pricing layers. Using a unique mass funding model, the project meets investors with the strategy of its predecessors. 

Inspired by projects with transaction volumes exceeding $2 billion while being at the peak like SLERF, SLOTH coin targets the office slackers who are tired of working 9-5. SLOTH, which managed to raise around $600,000 in just a few hours, promises to liberate participants from desk jobs. 

What You Need to Know to Participate in the Slothana Project

To buy Slothana coin built on the Solana network, investors only need to visit the project page. Slothana coins can be purchased by sending a specified amount of money to a crypto wallet on the page. 

The project page features an emphasis on laziness. The project page, consisting only of the homepage, has 4 information lines:

In the first line, investors see the crypto wallet address to which they need to send SOL. The second line informs investors that they need to wait for the airdrop distribution. 

According to the project page, it is possible to buy 10,000 Slothana coins with 1 SOL. Investors who send 1 SOL to the specified address are transferred 10,000 SLOTH coins to their wallets. In the SLOTH coin distributed in the form of an airdrop event, there is no token claiming period or waiting time. 

According to the last line, the funds raised are realized around 600,000 and continue to increase as minutes pass. Investors are required to send SOL to Slothana coin using a wallet such as Phantom rather than a centralized exchange. 

The only thing expected from investors is to follow the SLOTH coin Twitter account and attract more participants to the project. 

Can SLOTH Be the New SLERF?

The SLOTH coin mechanism, reminiscent of the sensational BOME and SLERF coins, is being talked about. Although the burning of the tokens in SLERF, which is known to have occurred accidentally, is thought to be accidental, some analysts believe this is a clever marketing move. 

Although it is known that SLERF coin has decreased significantly from its all-time high level, it is known to have increased by 2839%. Rumors are circulating that the all-time highest investment return exceeding 5,000% is behind; SLOTH coin will lag behind. 

Looking at other rumors about SLOTH coin, the SMOG token comes to the fore. It is claimed that the team running the SLOTH coin project is associated with another Solana-based meme coin, SMOG, which became like the moon after being listed. 

The New Player of the Meme Coin Craze Slothana

Crypto enthusiasts, who rapidly want to make money entering the crypto world, generally prefer meme coin projects. It is known to everyone how short a time it took for the investors of the viral meme coin projects to become rich. 

Crypto enthusiasts turn to meme coin projects that are viral, popular, developed by a highly skilled marketing team, with a high humor value, and have undergone contract control. 

The Slothana project seems to meet all the requirements we have mentioned. Although it has not yet been opened for trading, the rapidly increasing investments in the SLOTH coin are interpreted as a sign of the crypto community’s trust in the project. 

The Solana network chosen by the SLOTH coin team appears to be an indispensable option for many meme coin projects. Solana, which overshadows Ethereum with its speed and efficiency, becomes the choice of meme coin projects that want to quickly achieve profit, such as SLOTH. 

On the other hand, no one wants to pay $50 to Ethereum verifiers to exchange a new meme coin. The ecosystem offered by Solana for both meme coin creators and investors seems much more advantageous. 

Slothana is considerably increasing the bustle of the Ethereum killer Solana blockchain; that’s because it receives quite intense demand. The project, which managed to raise $600,000 in a few hours, is waiting for investors who want to make money using laziness.

Investors who missed the BOME and SLERF trains find an opportunity to compensate for their losses with the SLOTH coin. 

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