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The cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx is organizing a 7-day holiday campaign to celebrate the halving excitement in Bitcoin in El Salvador.

In the hectic chaos of life, money, just like people, moves, fluctuates, rises, falls, and finds itself in completely different places while it evolved according to the needs of humanity every day. First went digital, and then transformed into cryptocurrency, money today enables the world’s financial revolution, particularly under the leadership of Bitcoin.

Right in the middle of this revolution, Bitcoin is nearing an internal revolution: Halving!

What is this halving?

Halving in Bitcoin is a process that occurs every 4 years, in which the rewards obtained by miners are halved. After halving, the amount of Bitcoin obtained by miners will be reduced by 50%, and thus the production of Bitcoin will decrease. Bitcoin will continue its life with the philosophy of “less is more”.

In addition to Bitcoin’s limited supply, the decrease in production every 4 years makes it a more valuable asset every day. A diminishing asset that grows: Less is more…

Navigating through all this chaos, becoming an expert

The evolution of money into Bitcoin by crypticizing is not yet complete. As Bitcoin continues its long and arduous journey, defining the cryptocurrency ecosystem, thousands of coins compete and struggle with each other. Now, many platforms and projects have emerged and continue to be known thanks to Bitcoin.

Platforms, coins, the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and blockchain. A person who wishes to take their place as an investor faces the risk of getting lost, just like the fluctuations of money throughout history. Nevertheless, organizations that stand out with their expertise, experience, and knowledge provide a solution to this problem. Through these organizations, it becomes possible to obtain the right service and the right coins under their leadership and together with all other experts. Eyes turn to CoinEx, which has established the philosophy of “less is more” as its vision.

Jumping on the same train with the experts, CoinEx

CoinEx, which has been accelerating its efforts to lead investors and guide them with its expertise during this period when Bitcoin approaches its halving and decreases to multiply, provides many innovations and benefits to investors, not just as a trading platform.

Amidst all this transformation and chaos, CoinEx is bringing new investors together with the listed coins by subjecting them to safe, meticulous, and careful processes with the services it offers to experts and those deserving of the experts. This provides an opportunity to obtain the best quality service in the simplest and most understandable way.

At CoinEx, which embraces simplicity as a principle, a simple and user-friendly interface, understandable and straightforward guide content, and warm and friendly customer services await you.

Special celebrations for Halving and an amazing vacation

CoinEx is leaving a mark on history by not just being a platform suitable for experts during Bitcoin’s halving process, but also by releasing a video summarizing the entire process and by organizing a 7-day vacation campaign to Bitcoin city El Salvador to celebrate the halving. Also, this gives an opportunity to not just be behind but to be involved in the process.

Click here to watch the special halving video, click here to win a 7-day vacation in El Salvador, and click here to join CoinEx, the platform for experts and those deserving of the experts.

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