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Famous billionaire Elon Musk’s statements once again led to movement in the crypto world

. After Tesla CEO Musk implied a purchase of Tesla with Dogecoin, a significant increase was seen in many meme coins, especially DOGE.

Following Musk’s positive response to a viewer’s question at the Berlin Gigafactory event on March 13th regarding the possibility of Dogecoin being a payment method for Tesla, DOGE increased from 0.172 dollars to 0.188 dollars, seeing a 10% increase.

Known as the father of Dogecoin, Musk reiterated his belief that DOGE would go to the moon and expressed that DOGE could be used to purchase Tesla products. Musk didn’t forget to use his classic “Doge to the Moon” slogan.

Leading electric car company Tesla started accepting Dogecoin payments for its products on January 14th, 2022, and will not refund any other digital assets from that date onwards, warned with an announcement.

This was yet another statement from the famous billionaire that affected the price of Dogecoin. Many projects, led by Dogecoin, reached ATH in the meme coin movement. CoinGecko pointed out that there are many meme coins in the popular searches list.

Dogwifhat (WIF) was at the top in popular searches, increasing by more than 42% in the last 24 hours. Smog token based on Solana also increased by more than 21%.

Innovative 5thScape, a crypto venture drawing attention, exceeded 1 million dollars, becoming part of the list. Let’s take a closer look at this project together.

5ThScape (5SCAPE) Exceeds 1 Million Dollars

Investors, interested in purchasing 5SCAPE tokens aiming to revolutionize the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), are showing interest in the pre-sale event. The project aims to create a brand new market in the industry, step by step, to bring a different perspective to the AR and VR world.

Raising more than $25,000 in the first 24 hours, the funds collected so far in the 5SCAPE pre-sale event exceed 1 million dollars. Presented in a 12-stage pre-sale, the 5thScape token offers early investors the potential to earn more profits.

An investor participating in the first stage of pre-sale can potentially earn a 435% potential return before exchange listings. In other words, those investing $1 reach $435 in the final stage.

In the initial stage of the pre-sale, the price of the 5thScape token is 0.00187 dollars, and the price set for exchange listings will be 0.01 dollars. With the impressive speed in the initial stage of the pre-sale, the project that surpassed 1 million dollars is waiting for investors wanting to purchase 5thScape tokens at discounted prices.

What Does the 5thScape Project Promise to Investors?

Ready to revolutionize the AR and VR ecosystem, 5thScape appears as an Ethereum-based crypto project with unique opportunities and staking features. It aims to provide various products in the AR and VR ecosystem including premium VR content, games, headsets, gaming chairs, and developer resources to gamers.

5thScape focuses not only on gamers but also on developers. Developers involved in the ecosystem can earn 5SCAPE tokens through game sales and 5thScape Developer Center.

Gamers wanting access to the ecosystem’s premium features need to acquire 5SCAPE tokens through the ongoing pre-sale event. The token offers the opportunity to transact easily in this world. Token holders also benefit from various discounts and free access to 5thScape digital products.

How to Buy 5thScape Tokens?

At the center of the innovative project aiming to revolutionize the AR and VR world is the 5thScape token. Building on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its transparency and security, the token listed with the 5SCAPE symbol.

A total of 5.21 billion 5thScape tokens are available. A considerable portion, 80% of this supply, is allocated for the pre-sale event. A 10% slice is dedicated to product development, and the remaining 10% is transferred to the exchange liquidity.

In the first stage of the pre-sale, the 5SCAPE tokens are sold at $0.00187. After the completion of the first stage, which has a goal of $1.25 million, the token price rises to $0.00215. It is stated that the price will be $0.01 in exchange listings following the conclusion of the pre-sale. The project team aiming to raise a total of $15 million invites investors interested in artificial intelligence, AR-VR, and blockchain.

Those interested in purchasing 5thScape tokens can participate in the pre-sale with ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT, or card transactions.

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