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The Blast blockchain-based game platform Munchables was hit by a $62 million cyber attack.

Blast, one of the newest blockchains in the cryptocurrency market, witnessed its largest cyber attack on March 26.

The attacker targeted the Web3 game platform, Munchables, and managed to steal $62.5 million worth of 17,400 Ethereum by exploiting a technical vulnerability.

Blockchain detective Zachxbt stated that the person who stole these assets was from Munchables’ core development team and was a North Korean hacker. It was emphasized that this developer had been involved in the project for a long time disguising himself, and ultimately orchestrated this attack like a Trojan horse:

At the heart of the attack lies one of the developers being a North Korean hacker. The core developer had been in disguise for a long time, gaining the trust of the whole team, he mercilessly attacked when the time was right.

He returned all the stolen cryptocurrencies!

The Munchables attacker decided to return the seized $62.5 million worth of Ethereum just hours after. Munchables shared an update revealing that the developer was willing to unconditionally leave the keys to all of Munchables’ assets.

According to DeBank data, the attacker transferred all the funds in several pieces to the Munchables team wallets.

A statement made by the project team on social media confirmed that the funds had been returned, and all user assets were safe:

All user funds are safe, no locking will be applied, all Blast-related rewards will be distributed. Follow the developments we will share in the coming days.

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