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Turkish investment bank Mission Bank has partnered with Swiss crypto infrastructure provider Taurus.

Turkish neobank, Mission Bank, has partnered with leading infrastructure provider Taurus for the storage of digital assets, according to a press release shared today.

As part of this agreement, Mission Bank will benefit from Taurus’s industry-leading technologies.

At the same time, German Deutsche Bank’s cryptocurrency storage service and tokenization for Swiss crypto infrastructure provider Taurus, works with many large banks.

Dr. Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Mission Bank, said:

With our vision to make Turkey the Switzerland of our region, we have taken an important step for our country and region. With this step, we will make Turkey a regional investment hub by safely storing Turkish and neighboring country assets within our borders and bringing Turkish assets together with global investors through tokenization using our custody banking business model. On the way to the target, we structure our technological infrastructure in cooperation with the Swiss-based Taurus and our affiliate, MisyonTech.

Önder Halisdemir also added, “We offer comprehensive solutions for digital assets with the local services we have designed with the contributions of Istanbul Technical University and KPMG. When our legal regulations in our country are completed, our efforts will make Turkey competitive in asset storage and tokenization, and will provide our country with a regional space of maneuver.”

Taurus’s co-founder, Lamine Brahimi, added:

We are very pleased to collaborate with Mission Bank, Turkey’s first Neo-investment bank. We look forward to supporting the bank in initiating new digital asset services using Taurus-PROTECT and Taurus-CAPITAL. With this important step we have taken with the expert team of Mission and MisyonTech, we believe that Turkey will become an important player in digital asset storage and tokenization in the region.

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