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Pi Coin users are surprised while the alternative called Dogecoin20 is running for 2 million dollars.

New information from the Pi Coin front, which is one of the most curious topics for the crypto community, has arrived. A recent announcement was made via the official X account of Pi Network regarding the launch of the first app at the platform level, Pi Advertising Network. This announcement, made through the Pi Browser, created excitement among the community.

The project team said it aims to open up new opportunities for users to join a block-chain-based ad model with the Pi Advertising Network. It was reported that Pi Network aims to carry out advertising and earning money from digital content in the online environment by using blockchain technology.

According to the details, with the start of the Pi Advertising Network period, advertisers who want to place ads on Pi Browsers and Pi Applications will need to buy Pi tokens. Pi tokens will also be distributed as rewards to the application developers who show ads on the platform.

The Pi Advertising Network news managed to appeal to a part of the crypto community and led to a rise in the Pi coin price by 178% in a week. Although the announcement of the Pi Advertising Network is considered to be a news that creates a trust base for some users, the overall crypto community has serious doubts about Pi Network.

Investors who have lost hope of mining crypto with mobile devices are showing interest in alternative projects and are taking action to buy the Pi Coin alternative Dogecoin20 token. With its pre-sale running up to $2 million, the DOGE20 becomes one of the most attention-grabbing projects.

DOGE20 Pre-Sale Progressing Fast

Meeting with early-stage investors through the pre-sale event, Dogecoin20 takes inspiration from the popular meme coin Dogecoin and the ERC-20 protocol in its name choice. Describing itself as a DOGE upgrade, the project claims to be a more environment-friendly version of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin20 token is being built on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its transparency and security. The number “20” in the token name indicates that the cryptocurrency is compatible with the ERC-20 protocol. Referencing the iconic Dogecoin, DOGE20 is equipped with a staking feature, bringing a new perspective to the meme coin world.

Investors who want to buy Dogecoin20 tokens at discounted prices in the pre-sale event are showing intense interest in the project. The funds raised in the pre-sale so far exceed 1.4 million dollars and are rapidly moving towards 2 million dollars.

Introduced with a phased price increase strategy, Dogecoin20 finds buyers at the current stage for 0.000158 dollars. Investors who want to buy 35 billion tokens allocated for the pre-sale at low prices need to participate in the event in the early stage.

What You Must Know About Dogecoin20

DOGE20, a project based on Ethereum, has a total of 140 billion tokens in circulation. An initial 35 billion tokens of this total are available during the ongoing pre-sale event. 25% of the DOGE20 token supply meets investors in the pre-sale aiming to collect 6 million dollars.

The project stands out with its staking features. Dogecoin20 token holders have the chance to earn passive income through a staking mechanism. DOGE20 staking rewards are distributed to users in every block, and 15% of the token supply is planned to be allocated to staking. Distribution of staking rewards is aimed at happening over a 2-year time frame.

The total number of DOGE20 tokens staked so far exceeds 5 billion according to the staking panel. The reward per ETH block is 6751 DOGE20 and the annual percentage yield (APY) is currently measured at 485%. It is planned that 17.5 billion tokens will be distributed to staking pool participants in the project’s first year, and 3.5 billion tokens in the second year.

25% of the DOGE20 token supply goes to project funds, 10% to exchange liquidity, and 25% to marketing. The project is expected to have a market value of 24 million dollars. After the pre-sale, the exchange listings are eagerly awaited by token holders.

How to Buy Dogecoin20?

Investors interested in buying Dogecoin20 tokens, a more environmentally friendly crypto coin than Dogecoin, can participate in the pre-sale event. Early participants in the phased pre-sale buy DOGE20 at a lower price.

The pre-sale event takes place in 12 stages. At the first stage, the price of DOGE20 is 0.00014 dollars, and at the last stage, this price rises to 0.00020600 dollars. At the current stage, DOGE20 is in the fourth phase of the pre-sale, and investors pay 0.000158 dollars. The price of the token is planned to be 0.000164 dollars in the next phase.

The gradual price increase policy allows potential gains to be made before exchange listings are realized. Early DOGE20 investors are eagerly awaiting the CEX and DEX performance by purchasing before the listings.

Investors who want to buy Dogecoin20 can participate in the pre-sale event using ETH, USDT, BNB, or card transactions. 

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