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The cryptocurrency world and meme coins have been experiencing an impressive rise in the past few weeks. While many new meme coins managed to break into the top 100 last month, popular meme coin projects like DOGE and SHIB are waiting in line to break into the top 10. 

Solana-based cryptos stand out among meme coin projects. While BONK and WIF are experiencing a rapid rise, a new project called Peng (PENG) is attracting the attention of cryptocurrency investors. 

After dog and frog themed meme coin projects, PENG, a cryptocurrency with a penguin theme, stands out with its innovative approach. The project, which aims to offer a new approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) and meme coin culture, aims to bring liquidity to the Solana chain.

With a maximum supply of 99,979,000 PENG, the coin is progressing in the green zone in CoinMarketCap charts. PENG coin, which is still a very new project and entered the crypto arena on March 12th, has seen an increase of more than 100% so far.

The penguin-themed meme coin, which has seen a 60% increase in the last 24 hours, seems to bring new excitement to the meme coin world. The long-term trajectory of the project and whether it will satisfy its investors is a question in everyone’s mind. As of the time of writing, PENG is trading at $0.6252.

The SCOTTY, which is experiencing the last days of presale among meme coin projects, also finds ample space for itself on the agenda. Entering the bonus round before stock exchanges, Scotty is shown as a lower-priced and PENG alternative meme coin.

Scotty The AI Token Reaches 9.5 Million Dollars

The Scotty the AI token, which has reached the end of a 22-round presale campaign, meets early-stage investors with the bonus stage. Investors who want to buy Scotty The AI token at a fixed and low price before being listed on leading CEX and DEX, take advantage of the bonus stage.

The funds raised in the presale event of the project are causing excitement in the cryptocurrency community. According to the information on the presale page, the funds collected so far reach 9.5 million dollars. 

Scotty, which finds buyers in the bonus stage for $0.01, has only 4 days left until the presale ends. 

Scotty The AI, our Scottish Terrier, is shown as one of the crypto projects preparing for the meme coin frenzy and expected to rise if a bull run occurs.

Scotty The AI, Guardian of the Crypto Universe

Investors who want to buy Scotty The AI token at discounted prices before being listed on stock exchanges have only a few days left. Because the project aims to make sense of and protect the crypto world, it receives interest from investors.

Scotty The AI promises confidence with its bright feathers and intelligence in the quite vast and complex world of the crypto universe. Scotty The AI, which aims to keep the secrets of the crypto universe and provide security, uses artificial intelligence skills to decipher the codes and algorithms that make up the digital world. 

Crypto enthusiasts who want to follow developments related to artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies can access the secrets of this complex universe with Scotty The AI. SCOTTY, which can solve complex codes in seconds, aims to provide convenience, speed, and security to investors who want to gain an advantage in the crypto world.

Important Information About Scotty The AI Token

Scotty The AI, which aims to bring security and speed to the crypto universe, is being built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is remarkable for its transparency. An ERC-20 protocol meme coin, Scotty The AI token has a total supply of 1,734,567,890 tokens.

Half of the supply of Scotty, which will be listed under the symbol SCOTTY, is allocated for the presale campaign. While no tokens are allocated to the project team, 10% is reserved for project development, 20% for staking that provides passive income, 10% for stock market listings, and 10% for marketing activities.

The project, which completed a 22-round presale campaign quite rapidly, is organizing one last bonus round for discounted purchases of Scotty The AI token. The bonus stage, which will end within 4 days, provides an opportunity to invest at fixed and advantageous prices before stock market listings. 

The token price in the bonus presale stage of SCOTTY is $0.01 as the funds raised so far reach 9.5 million dollars. Investors who want to buy SCOTTY in the bonus presale stage can make payments with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance coin (BNB), and Polygon (MATIC). Investors who do not have a crypto balance in their wallet can also participate in the presale event with card transactions. 

SCOTTY owners can also choose to earn passive income through the staking mechanism.

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