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Recent statements from the CEO of OKX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, drew attention due to recent listings.

Founder of OKX, which ranks second in terms of trading volume, made comments on listings through the official X account of the exchange. In his statement, he mentioned that the purpose of the exchange in terms of listing is to benefit their customers:

“The vision of OKX’s listing team is to discover tokens that may be valuable to our customers and provide early-stage benefits.”

Stating that the projects’ own promotional activities are not important for the listings, the CEO emphasized that the main criteria for listings was the review carried out by their own teams. He also mentioned that they closely monitor the performance of the projects over an extended period.

“We do not accept presentations and promotions for listing. We research potential projects in the market and monitor the performance of tokens for a long time. Our listing committee independently decides on this. Constantly bothering OKX employees through X about tokens will not work at all.”

Is this a reaction to the meme coin listings on Solana?

Another reason that intensified the recent meme coin frenzy based on Solana was the listings by major exchanges. While news of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, tightening its listing policies is being discussed, a meme coin released by asking to send Solana to their own wallet address was listed on the exchange within 2 days.

The recent listing has drawn attention from the cryptocurrency community, and subsequently, similar projects were quickly listed on many exchanges, including Binance.

The statement by OKX’s CEO is considered a reaction to all of these developments.

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