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The meme coin craze on the Solana network has created a new investment method, forming a market value of billions of dollars.

While the crypto markets were experiencing a general increase led by Bitcoin, the Solana meme coin frenzy has been steadily rising for the past 20 days, doubling its price by 2. A large portion of the market’s money has flowed into meme coins in the past two weeks due to this frenzy. The preferred ecosystem at this point was Solana.

The trend initially relied on investing in meme coins created on the Solana network as if throwing dice and hoping that everyone would invest in these coins. Hundreds of people who have made thousands of dollars in profit with $100 have increased interest and made this method trending.

However, the approach of creating and investing in meme coins turned into gambling due to the hundreds of coins being generated every minute. Almost 99% of the generated coins have disappeared, defrauding everyone a few minutes after receiving some funds, and continue to do so.

New trend in the Meme Coin ecosystem: Send to my wallet

Investors who have been trying to get rich by hunting meme coins for days were attracted to a new investment method that took place 3 days ago.

A user named Darkfarms shared a wallet address from his X (Twitter) account and demanded that everyone send SOL. In this pre-sale method that would take 24 hours, it was mentioned that the pricing would be based on the participation and interest shown by the people, and people began sending thousands of SOL to this person’s wallet.

Then the person who produced BOME tokens in proportion to the SOL amount he obtained transferred these tokens to the people who sent SOL.

The birth of BOOK OF MEME (BOME)

After the transfers, 3,405,106 BOME was sent to a person who sent 1 SOL. The price increased rapidly up to 250 times due to buy-sell transactions on decentralized exchanges. This increase in price led to the rapid spread of the token in the market and thousands of shares on social media.

The number of shares reached 300 thousand on Twitter. The meme coin that everyone was talking about also made the “send to my wallet SOL” pre-sale method popular.

Listings from Binance, Gate, HTX, CoinEx, and others

Another development that accelerated the rise of the suddenly popular BOME was the listings from centralized exchanges. The price rose even more with the news of listings from exchanges all of a sudden. Then the biggest news for BOME was when Binance announced their listing.

A market cap of 1.5 billion dollars, an increase of 425 times

Following the listing news, the BOME price continued to rise, and, following the listing news, the gain of a person who invested 1 SOL (a person who sent money to a wallet for no reason) increased to approximately 400 SOL. Considering the SOL price increase, a gain of almost 425 times was achieved.

As trends continue to emerge in the crypto market…

The meme coin trend on the Solana network took place among investors who accepted the fact that 99% of projects are scams, and pre-sales with the same “send to my wallet SOL” method can also lead to the same point. After the incident, hundreds of fake accounts carried out scams, claiming to be the BOME project, causing thousands of dollars in fraud by promising to launch a project.

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