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After frequently seeing play-to-earn and move-to-earn themed projects in the crypto world, a brand new concept is emerging. The Learn-to-Earn mechanism, which aims to encourage knowledge and learning, is attracting the attention of both crypto whales and small investors.

Starting its presale event recently, which raised more than $300,000 in the first few days, the 99Bitcoins project follows a community-oriented roadmap. Encouraging discounts, staking rewards, and a massive BTC reward air-drop are leading to an increasing number of investors joining the project.

With Bitcoin Halving Day fast approaching, the 99Bitcoins project, inspired by the name of the leading cryptocurrency, introduces BTC-based air-drop events. Let’s take a closer look at the 99Bitcoins project and the BTC-based air-drop event together.

What is 99Bitcoins?

The 99Bitcoins project is actually a renewed and rebranded version of a platform that has been in the crypto space since 2013. The project team, which tokenizes the platform and aims to encourage participants’ learning process, is moving forward to keep up with the Web3 era.

The platform’s native token, 99BTC token, is used to access various features and benefits. At the forefront of crypto-related online learning resources, 99Bitcoins also offers an opportunity to develop decentralized applications (dApps) on the Bitcoin network with the new BRC-20 technology.

Through the discounted presale event, participants have the opportunity to purchase 99Bitcoins tokens and access various rewards and unique features. Those who buy tokens can take advantage of the staking mechanism by locking their digital assets. Participating in the presale event also provides access to a massive BTC air-drop.

$99,999 BTC AirDrop Attracting Attention

The 99Bitcoins project team once again emphasizes its community-oriented approach with the distribution of an air-drop in addition to its presale event. Participants who purchase 99BTC by participating in the presale have the opportunity to benefit from air-drop rewards by completing a series of tasks.

During the air-drop event, distribution of BTC worth a total of $99,999 is planned to investors. It is stated that this reward will be shared among 99 people, and 1 air-drop point will be obtained for each completed task.

In total, there are 11 tasks in the 99BTC air-drop event. The tasks include visiting the 99Bitcoins website, following an X account, joining the Discord channel, and providing the crypto wallet address used to purchase 99Bitcoins tokens.

According to the project page, the announcement of the lucky 99 people is planned for July 19, 2024. The air-drop event, which has been joined by more than 1500 people so far, is increasing interest in the project due to the large BTC reward.

99Bitcoins Presale Reaches $400,000

The funds raised from investors who want to buy 99BTC tokens at discounted prices through the recent presale event have reached $400,000. Due to the gradual price increase policy, participants want to secure their places at the presale at the early stage.

In each stage of the presale, crypto enthusiasts encounter different prices to purchase 99BTC tokens. Starting at $0.001 per token, the price of 99BTC increases to $0.00113 at the last stage. In the current slice of the presale, participants pay $0.001. In the next stage, the token price rises to $0.00101.

A total of 99 billion 99BTC tokens are available. 10.5% of this supply is allocated to the presale, 14% to the staking feature, 27.5% to project funding, 17% to community rewards, 8% to exchange liquidity, and 23% to marketing.

It is planned that 99BTC tokens will generate a market value of more than $107 million in total. The interest shown in the presale suggests that this value can be even higher following exchange listings.

The fact that $300,000 of the targeted $16 million fund with the presale stage being reached within the first few days indicates that a fast presale event is likely to take place.

How to Buy 99Bitcoins Token?

The 99BTC token appears as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, but a transition to BRC20 is planned thereafter.

Through the discounted presale event, investors can purchase 99Bitcoins tokens. Investors who buy 99BTC tokens have the opportunity to benefit from the staking mechanism. The number of locked tokens, which offers the opportunity to earn passive income, has already exceeded 168 million.

The annual yield percentage (APY) of staking the native token 99BTC in the system positions itself around 6453%. When more participants enter the system, although the APY is expected to decrease, the high-level rewards at the beginning excite investors.

According to the staking panel, the reward per ETH block in the project is planned as 4143 99BTC tokens. It is aimed to distribute staking rewards to the community over a period of 2 years.

Attracting the attention of everyone, including whales, through the $99,999 BTC reward air-drop event, 99Bitcoins allows crypto investors who want to buy to participate in the presale event using ETH, USDT, BNB, or card transactions.

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