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The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has made a statement regarding the meme coin targeting U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Concerned about potential misunderstanding, Coinbase announced the removal of the information page for the asset created by third parties that targets and denigrates Elizabeth Warren.

On March 9, an unnamed party launched a meme coin named “elizabeth whoren (WHOREN)” on the Solana (SOL) network.

Subsequently, a page on Coinbase was created explaining how to purchase this project targeting U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, the Coinbase officials quickly noticed this and took the page down immediately.

A Coinbase spokesperson stated that the page was automatically generated and has no direct association with Coinbase:

These pages are automatically generated based on tokens created by third parties. They are for informational purposes only, do not endorse any assets, and do not indicate the availability of assets for trading on Coinbase.

During the recent period, many meme coins imitating former U.S. President Donald Trump and current president Joe Biden have been launched, some of which have gained significant value.

As part of this trend, WHOREN experienced an 8,000% surge in just one day, before quickly plummeting.

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