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Two projects on the radar of popular meme coins BOME and SLERF whales have exceeded 10 million dollars.

The meme coin craze that has been stirring the cryptocurrency world continues at full speed. Investors are looking for the next mysterious cryptocurrency that will make them rich overnight, with viral popularity and unique marketing strategies keeping an eye on a few projects.

Crypto whales seeking a meme coin like BOME and SLERF, among the highest earning projects of recent times, are focused on Dogecoin20 and Slothana. Let’s take a look at these two projects and what they promise to investors.

Environmentally Friendly Dogecoin Alternative DOGE20 Surpasses 10 Million Dollars

When it comes to meme coins, the first project that comes to mind is undoubtedly Dogecoin, the first joke-themed cryptocurrency. A new alternative to Dogecoin, called Dogecoin20, which is environmentally friendly, has attracted the attention of meme coin enthusiasts.

Dogecoin20, an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum, is entering the radar of whales with the funds it has collected in the presale. The project, which has managed to raise more than 10 million dollars, claims that it will show its success after the exchange listings.

Investors who want to buy Dogecoin20 tokens, which position themselves as an upgrade to Dogecoin, can participate in the final round held before the listings.

Due to the intense interest shown, an additional final round is added to the completed stages of the presale event. The project team is giving investors an extra chance so that they will not be affected by the volatility after the exchange listings.

Dogecoin20 Token Launch on International DOGE Day

In the current final stage, investors pay 0.00022 dollars per token to join the Dogecoin20 project. The project team plans to launch the token offering and DEX on a very important date, April 4, 2024, known as International DOGE Day.

It is said that the listing to be held on April 4 will have a positive effect on the token price. Those who want to buy Dogecoin20 tokens at fixed prices before the launch on DOGE Day are evaluating the last days.

According to the staking panel, Dogecoin20, which has exceeded 29 billion tokens staked so far, invites meme coin and DOGE enthusiast investors to the project. The project, which has an annual return percentage of 96 percent, also distributes 6751 DOGE20 per ETH block as a reward.

Investors who have already invested in DOGE20 are eagerly awaiting the listing on April 4. Whether famous billionaire and crypto addict Elon Musk will make a post that day and how it will affect meme coins is creating excitement.

Slothana Approaches 1 Million Dollars Rapidly

Slothana, a new donation project that follows in the footsteps of BOME and SLERF coins, is advancing rapidly, unlike the lazy animal it is inspired by. The SLOTH coin built on the Solana network, a killer of Ethereum, has come into the radar of whales by approaching 1 million dollars in funds on the first day.

Investors do not participate in any staged presale event to buy Slothana coins. The project page has only a few lines of information, seemingly referring to the laziness of the lazy animal.

Will SLOTH Coin Be the Next BOME?

The mechanism designed to buy Slothana coins is similar to the BOME project. SLOTH, which raises funds through donations, aims to become the new viral meme coin on the Solana blockchain.

If SLOTH manages to match BOME’s performance, investors send SOL to a specified address in the SLOTH project, which promises to release them from their boring jobs.

According to data on the project page, for every 1 SOL, the project team transfers 10,000 SLOTH coins to the participant’s wallet. In other words, all investors have to do is send SOL to an address and wait for the airdrop distribution.

The project team advises investors to send SOL to a decentralized crypto wallet like Phantom in order to invest in Slothana coins. The fact that the team behind the SLOTH project is the SMOG team, which has taken off into space after the DEX listing, is increasing interest in the project.

Built on the Solana blockchain, the SLOTH coin, which has been heard frequently in recent months thanks to meme coin projects, is awaiting investors who are fond of meme coins and looking for quick gains.

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