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The Binance-supported artificial intelligence-focused platform NFPrompt (NFP) suffered a loss due to a hack attack.

In a tweet shared by NFPrompt, chosen as Binance’s 41st Launchpool project, they stated that they were under cyber attack and shared a warning for users.

The statement included the following:

We are writing to inform you of a critical security incident related to NFPrompt. A group of hackers seized some wallets, including the managers’ wallets, of NFP, including the NFP treasury and part of the ecosystem fund.

The team mentioned that the hacker took control of the funds, including the NFP treasury and ecosystem fund. The team assured that the users’ assets on the platform were safe, and said that they transferred all smart contract permissions to different wallets as soon as they noticed the attack.

The involvement of the FBI against the hackers and the action taken by exchanges to freeze the funds were emphasized. The team warned users that the stolen NFPs will be marked:

We recommend that you only acquire NFP tokens from reputable exchanges as part of the ongoing investigation. Please do not interact with unofficial contracts related to NFTP. Do not buy NFP over-the-counter. Be cautious and safe.

According to CoinGecko data, NFP experienced a significant drop following the announcement of the attack. NFP is showing a 13% decrease and is currently being sold for $0.747.

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