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While the safety of meme coins on the Solana network is being debated, a famous analyst warned investors.

The crypto agenda is talking about Solana-based meme coins. The meme coin named SLERF, which was recently released on the network, experienced a loss of $10 million by accidentally burning the tokens it gathered in the presale, but saw a sharp increase in its price.

As the value of SLERF rapidly increased, it managed to surpass the Book of Meme (BOME) project, which is the 8th largest meme coin and has increased by 1100% in the last 7 days. Due to a mistake, an investor made $3 million in 12 minutes.

The performance of Solana-based coins has led to a new meme coin frenzy in the crypto world, raising questions about the reliability of their projects. Crypto detective Zach XBT warned investors against possible fraud attempts.

Sales of Solana-based meme coins saw a surprising increase of $122 million. The excitement for the projects encourages the crypto community to take action, while caution is needed against fraud attempts such as rug-pulls.

Famous crypto detective Zach XBT highlighted that more than 27 presales on the Solana network accumulated $122 million worth of SOL since March 12. He warned investors against projects that promise quick gains, emphasizing that most of the projects are supported by small accounts and warning against the possibility of fraud.

The lack of transparency and accountability in Solana-based meme coin projects opens the door to initiatives such as funds disappearing or rug-pulls, where project teams take the funds and disappear.

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, responded promptly to Zach XBT’s claims and warnings.

Presale events, which offer investors the chance to buy coins at discounted prices, are receiving a lot of attention. Among the most popular presales is the Dogecoin20 token.

Dogecoin20 Token Exceeds $4 Million

When it comes to meme coins, the first thing that comes to mind is Dogecoin (DOGE), and the DOGE20 meme coin, which is inspired by the Ethereum network’s ERC-20 protocol, continues to remain on the agenda.”

Dogecoin20, which meets with investors through its phased presale event, positions itself as an upgrade over DOGE. DOGE20, an Ethereum-based token, is considered an ecological Dogecoin alternative as it uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism.

Dogecoin20, with 140 billion tokens, 35 billion of which meet investors through the presale event, continues to increase expectations before listing on exchanges.

Investors who purchase Dogecoin20 tokens at the current stage pay $0.000202. You can also participate in the presale by using ETH, USDT, BNB, or card transactions.

The price of Dogecoin20 will increase to $0.000203 in the next stage and to $0.000206 in the final stage. Investors who participate in the discount presale can also have the opportunity to earn 6751 DOGE20 tokens per ETH block by staking their tokens.

The Biggest SOL Airdrop of All Time is on the Horizon with SMOG

Dragon-themed meme coin project SMOG has been exciting the crypto world since its listing on February 7. The project, which is available on the Jupiter DEX, is making a name for itself with its rapid increase in just a few hours.

According to CoinMarketCap data, SMOG, which has increased by 178% in the last month, offers buying opportunities with its still-low price. The increasing number of followers of SMOG and the promised airdrop event are increasing interest in the project.

Investors who purchase SMOG tokens are given the opportunity to buy a meme coin that claims to have the largest airdrop event of all time. The staking activity that the project offers also supports long-term investment possibilities.

The staking mechanism makes the SMOG airdrop, which will be the largest Solana airdrop event, possible. Investors need to carry out a simple series of tasks to accumulate airdrop points.

Those who want to take advantage of the SMOG airdrop event with the Zealy platform are buying SMOG in order to stake. It is necessary to mention that there is a 10% discount on purchases made through the project’s own page. Investors who buy tokens from the SMOG project page receive the benefit of advantageous prices.

It is striking that the number of staked SMOG tokens has exceeded 23 million and the annual return percentage is 42%. Investors who want to buy SMOG can pay with ETH, USDT, or card transactions.

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