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AK Party Information and Communication Technologies President Ömer İleri made statements about the expected crypto currency law.

Ömer İleri, who is also the Deputy Chairman of AK Party, made statements about the bill related to crypto currency expected to be presented to the Parliament after the local elections to be held on March 31.

Ömer İleri, who expressed that Blockchain is a priority for the AK Party, stated that they addressed this issue in the Medium-Term Program. İleri emphasized that they are working on a legal arrangement to open the way for crypto currency in Turkey.

Stating that currently 10 million people have a crypto currency account in Turkey, İleri said that there is a need for regulation in this field:

A significant proportion of these users agree that this area should be regulated in a sense under state control. There is a need for regulation that is expressed by everyone. We have made various efforts, starting with our ministry, in this direction. At the moment, studies continue in our parliamentary group.

Ömer İleri, stating that their main purpose is to provide a legal framework for crypto currencies, said the following:

Our goal is to both open the way for Turkey in this field and to protect our citizens and investors. We are trying to achieve a delicate balance here. Blockchain technologies are an area that the AK Party has been closely following for some time. You may remember our ‘Forum Metaverse’, ‘Blockchain Istanbul’ events. Our President attended these events. These events became the first event in which a head of state participated in this field. It is an area that we value for the future of Turkey. We are conducting an important study to protect our citizens on the one hand, but also to open the way in this field.

It’s actually becoming a well thought out bill. There is no regulation that has been implemented at the federal level in the United States in the crypto field, and in the European Union, there is a “MiCA” regulation, which is in the process of reaching a compromise between the Council and Parliament; it will be effective as of December 2024. We are working for Turkey to be one of the leading countries in this field.

Sector stakeholders also support the bill

AK Party Deputy Chairman expressed that they invited stakeholders in the industry and received their opinions. İleri noted that the regulation is innovative and opens the way for the sector and stated that sector stakeholders have largely supported the current bill.

Ömer İleri used the following sentences regarding how to ensure the security of crypto currency holders:

What we mean by security is; when you start receiving services from a platform as an investor, being informed correctly, having the appropriate infrastructure, and being reliable at any other time… The definition of security is very general here. Protecting the investor and the citizen without misleading, protecting their investments, closing the way for malicious actors, and opening the way for the sector, doing both at the same time. Solving this dilemma is always the key problem. We see that a very accurate balance is achieved here.

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